Top 10 Moments: Great Vallejo Race 2019 Onboard Summer & Smoke

The Great Vallejo Race, traditionally held the first weekend in May in Northern California, signals the start of our spring/summer race season on San Francisco Bay.

A two-day weekend regatta, the Saturday starts off of Berkeley Circle, followed by a short run west to mark 1. From there, it’s a northerly ride approximately 25 miles to Vallejo. Sunday pits contenders on a reverse course heading south with a finish near Richmond Yacht Club.

What a view on Sunday: rocking, rolling, banging and blowing to a tune of 27-knots, maybe more.

Sunday offered far more tame sailing conditions. One of the S&S f’deckers grabs the limelight: “I want to trim the spinnaker the way I say. And I can do without looking. And I want to stand up top while I eat snacks. I do not want to share snacks. But I cannot reach a hand inside to get snacks.”

”Oh, look. They are hollow. They are square shaped hollow tubes. They are calming me.”

Top 10 Memorable Moments for Summer and Smoke Sailing

10. I have all 10 fingers and toes after the weekend’s romp.
9. Might be number of empty bottles removed from boat on Sunday.
8. Is crew count both Saturday and Sunday.
7. Times skipper asks, “Do we run it up the wall or cut over?”
6. Minutes late to Saturday start line.
5. Bags of snacks consumed on Saturday.
4. Martha! Martha! Martha! Martha! 4 times in skipper’s call-out.
3. Sunday in the shallows depth counter ticks to point 3.
2. …then only 2 seconds stuck on that sand bar.
1. And finally 1.

1 for number of times skipper says, “F-me” while on that sand bar.
1 also stands for first place. But that was last year.

number of times skipper says, “F-me” while on the sand bar