How to Schooner: Onboard SY Eros at Newport Panerai Classic Yacht Regatta

Want to make several new friends? Sail on a schooner, a 1939 gal with LOA 115' named Eros, and no fewer than 20 new friends can be gained. We're competing in the 39th Newport Classic Yacht Regatta hosted by IYRS School of Technology & Trades and sponsored by Panerai.

San Francisco sailors may recall Eros riding the waves a few years ago. Today, she is navigated between the Caribbean islands and New England for both charter and competitive racing in various classic regatta circuits.

The below Sunday series of black and white photos shows the crew raising sails, while the skipper navigates Narragansett waters off of Newport, Rhode Island during pre-race maneuvers. For this day, Sunday, we're designated to hit the start line aside Columbia.

With fewer than 45-minutes to start, Columbia calls in to report challenges and a likely need to withdraw from racing. Her crew prevails in time and remedies the onboard challenge. Then, with fewer than 120-seconds to start, Eros twists a fisherman sail halyard up top--which requires a crew to be hoisted to correct things. A glance at the start and Columbia is over the line. Eros passes over a few moments later.

Erik Lavers on the drum, with a guest at the ready.

Erik Lavers on the drum, with a guest at the ready.


Things continue to remain colorful onboard Eros, as she tacks out of the bay and heads to a mark on open waters.