A Melon in One Hand, A Skirt in the Other

Back on the water at VYC and in the driving seat again. It's beer can season and the winds are either blowing like nuts or non-existent from June to end of October. This season is showing a swath of new boats. Most of the cool people are onboard and today we have the world renowned chef Walter, maker of the Hero4Nutrition bar. Walter kicked the crew a big box of his kale-cashew nutrition bars awhile back (and again today---weeee) and he's finally been able to clear his schedule and hop onboard.

that’s ok, we’re not trying!

S&S hits the line in good form, even with short staffing. Conditions are light down the channel so we run through the social updates: Which girl is Junior seeing this week? When is skipper's next holiday? Why does Martha not yet have her new main sail? How much sleep has Victor been getting, etc. To enhance the chatting we've opted to stay right side of course and it's paying off; we've got 2 - 3 boat lengths on those trailing. A smaller boat sets a chute and snags a little wind which helps them pass us to windward. Skipper's non-plussed. Header! Half-way down the channel, one then a second boat pass to leeward. "That's ok. We're not trying," I call out. Smiles from the competition. Another tiny header.

A few seconds later we get a ripple then catch-up to the five-abreast parked mid-channel. The whirly gig top of mast points left, right, behind, forward. Junior flips the headsail once, twice. No dice; there's enough non-action time to get the camera. Snap, snap--ah, a little motion forward. Header! Bye bye to camera, hello to motion. We wave to the boats and grab a tidy burst into the channel. 

Aside from the self-busting watermelon below deck , several more headers, oh and the spinnaker set minus pole exercise, things are fairly normal balance of sail.

Let the young guy do all the work--at least today. Skirt!

Let the young guy do all the work--at least today. Skirt!