Best Beer to Bring Onboard at Rolex Big Boat Series

What goes together better: sailors and rum or sailors and beer? Good thing is that Rolex Big Boat Series racers won’t have to pick ‘tween one or the other; they can have both—and for free at the parties! But in case there’s concern about dockside ale or rum running dry, we’ve compiled a brew hit list of top beers for sailors, plus best bets sailors’ rum. Head to Whole Foods before the race and load up.

Rum and More

  • Skipper Rum from Guyana is “the best in this rum world.”
  • Every time I hear someone say Sailor Jerry, I hear Norman’s whiny voice (Jerry Seinfeld show).
  • If you don’t fall to leeward, you could go Wayward. Then too, taking that alternate course may get you the Bulleit.
  • The Kraken: more than double-fisted drinking.  
  • Space at the mark!” Ok, “Room at the mark!”

Best Bet Beer

  • Etched in stone on a best beers for sailors list: Scrimshaw.
  • The Tide and Its Takers may sweep you off your feet.
  • What’s the deal with bananas and bad luck? Is Banana Bread Beer ok on a boat?
  • If SF Bay winds persist, double down and double up on Ballast Point.
  • Nukin’ Futz, an ideal downwind spinny beer when moving with the current.
  • Piraat. Any Belgian sailors at BBS? I’d like to hear how you pronounce this when sober and when inebriated.
  • Celebrator is all about you, and you know it!

If I’ve inspired you to pick up something from this best beers for sailors list look me up at the St. Francis Yacht Club. I’m racing with Santa Cruz 50 Deception on Friday, then lolling about on a photo boat Saturday and Sunday. Alternatively, if you’re heading to a weekend or beer can race in coming days, and you buy from this top rums for sailors list, I’d like to know what you tried.

Nukin’ Futz is the ideal downwind spinny beer when moving with the current