A San Francisco Bay View Aboard America's Cup Boat "USA 76"

San Francisco city front from aboard America's Cup yacht  USA 76 .

San Francisco city front from aboard America's Cup yacht USA 76.

Even though the sailing season in Northern California scales back in the late fall to winter months, we locals still hit the water with vigor when an opportunity comes up, rain or shine. Personally, I love slogging around on a boat in the rain, but my camera does not, so when Peter Ziegler at ACsailingSF popped me an email asking if I'd like to join for a social sail I said yes! Lucky for me, the invite fell on the best weather day of this past weekend, Sunday.

Peter, crew member and key man in charge of keeping USA 76 in top mechanical shape, loves his job and loves to share the experience of being on the Bay. He, along with fellow ACsailingSF mates Jon Buser and Ray Duran plus several guests, hoisted sails for a two-hour America's Cup voyage aboard USA 76.

Featured here are a few images from the sail with best intentions to respect the privacy of guests. Peter, Jon and Ray--hope you did not mind being fair game. I have several portrait shots to share with you each privately. While onboard I nabbed a motion clips using both cell phone and a Nikon D500. Those elements, along with editorial, will be combined and shared soon.

About ACsailingSF
Fast forward to 2011 and Brad and his wife Karen launch ACsailingSF with the objective to share with others what it feels like to be onboard a winning yacht with measure 84 feet in length and sails that scoop the air courtesy surface area 2,800 square feet. The ACsailingSF line-up includes the chance to compete in local regatta events, head out for an adventure sail and also work aside peers through corporate team development programming. http://www.acsailingsf.com/