5 Reasons Why Sailors Should Like Social Media

Sunset selfies for yachting social media

Sunset selfies for yachting social media

1. You don’t have to buy a boat

You do not need to own a boat; hop on someone else’s boat. No cash outlay if you want to take up social media. 

2. Learn by observing

Scroll through social media photos that a sailor or crew post and you get a pretty good idea of the player and/or the group’s personality. You can also detect how active the person or crew is based on frequency and recentness of posts. That’s free insight to help you decide if you wish to hop on a boat or not.

3.  Friending, liking, favoriting
It’s your social media boat. Pick and choose whom to follow and who wish to be part of your crew.

4. The ageless social sailor

Sailing is a sport which a person may take up at nearly any age. And of note, a participant can contribute competitive value well past the age of most other sports. Pick your boat, pick your role, pick your position accordingly. Join the social media audience at any age.

5. Bring beer without being ridiculed

If you’re sitting around at home having a beer and thumbing through social streams no one sees what brew you drink. Whereas with sailing, well, you know how some crew can and will tell you what they think of your choice of beer.