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Readers have a shared love affair with classic yachts, America’s Cup competition, international sail regattas, wide open waters and sunny shorelines. We race sailboats, we take cruises, we live at water's edge.


Latest Lust

Read about the latest objects and ideas that merit lust, including outrageous and dazzling super yachts, drop dead supermodels, and the best marine toys for your next Mediterranean cruise. Stories about the mildy ludicrous to the insanely over-the-top.




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Latest Yachts

Notable yachts—real, imagined and some long since gone to the depths—that you may not already know about. From radio controlled gems gliding on the lake, to ocean going vessels of stout design, read about them here.



The works of racer, writer, photographer Martha Blanchfield have appeared in SFGate.com, J/Boats, Classic Yacht Magazine, Rangefinder, Adventure Sports Journal, Latitude 38, Studio Photography & Design, AfterCapture and more.